To be expected in the coming weeks

  • Sending the activity report to all the members and institutional partners (Japan-Europe)

  • Sending proposal of reception and organization of the trip of the Japanese master gardeners to all the members of the association and the European partners. → In order to prepare these Autumn Workshops in an efficient and shared way, Yoko would like to ask EuroJGA members to participate in meetings with our Japanese partners, the Japanese Garden Society and Ichizo-kai.

  • In a first step, Yoko will ask the Japanese speaking members of EuroJGA (e.g. Maiko in UK, Carl De Coster in Belgium, Christian Tagsold in Germany, Nicolas Fiévé and Yoshi in France, etc….) for the next meeting. In a second time, she plans to organize a meeting with the English-French-Japanese translation. All the exchanges with our Japanese partners will be shared with all the EuroJGA members by oral and written.

  • Preparation and organization of a board meeting by video conference between May 15 and 31.

  • To consider a general assembly in June or July 2023 in Europe (Country and place to be defined)